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Each class begins with a few minutes of warm-ups followed by silk reeling exercises, then repetitions of the form. Everyone begins the same way. You simply copy what you see to whatever degree is possible for you. Most of the hour is devoted to the details of learning the set positions (called postures) and how to move from one to the next. The importance of the proper stance, body alignment, coordination and correct timing are explained. From the beginning, there is emphasis on applying the Taiji principles, for these provide the student with a way of self correction.

Physical awareness is gained by precisely learning the movements and by focusing on the principles. For example, the energy of the breath and the heart and the life force which is called Qi ("chee") in Chinese. Beginners are taught two Qi Gong ("chee gung") exercises from the very first class in order to learn to breathe more efficiently and to begin immediately integrating the body, energy, and the mind. The mind leads the Qi and the Qi leads the body. This chain of command, for learning purposes, is introduced with the emphasis initially on the body.

The Taiji postures are always done in the same order with each posture building upon the lessons of the earlier ones. In addition, each posture is learned from the ground up, that is, feet, knees, waist, etc. This orderliness makes the physical components relatively easy to learn given enough patience and repetition. 

Classes are seldom boring. We take Taiji seriously, but we do not take ourselves too seriously. It's certainly easier to relax when the environment is light hearted. Natural grace is inherent in each person and rediscovering this is fun, although there will certainly be a few wobbles along the way. Although a martial art, Taiji is not about the achievement of perfect balance, but rather about learning how to improve ones physical, mental, and spiritual self.

All students are expected to practice at home every day! 

What is a normal course of study? 
Basically, there is none. Each individual is naturally unique in terms of attitude, aptitude, previous experience, intensity of interest and motivation. Most begin with one class a week plus the mandatory daily practice at home. All students are encouraged to attend the free weekend practices , if possible. The idea is for each student to find their own comfortable pace of learning as well as their own comfortable level of exertion while avoiding the likelihood of injury. Awareness, balance, strength, relaxation and endurance will naturally increase.

Taiji levels of study
Beginners start with learning the physical movements of the beginners form. In addition, they are introduced to the Taiji principles, Silk Reeling exercises, and two basic Qi gong exercises. The emphasis is upon increasing physical awareness and relaxation. Some are ready for Intermediates after one term of Beginners. Many, however, wisely choose to repeat Beginners in order to work on the coordination of the principles and physical movements.

Tuition and General Information  

Classes are held in ten (10) week sessions, one class @ week. You may join a class at any time. There is no need to wait for a new session to begin.

Please inquire as to which program you would like to join for rates.10% Discount for multiple family members. Tuition is due in advance.

Taiji Class Levels:
Beginner class is open to all. 
        Intermediate class is open to those who have memorized the Beginner form.          (See the Curriculum page)

Make-up Classes:
If you miss your regular class for any reason, you are encouraged to attend a make-up class at one of the other locations. (Make up classes are automatic, you don't need permission.) Make-ups must be taken in the 10 week session in which they are incurred. Even if you cannot attend a make-up, do not be discouraged as there is a lot of repetition and review at each class.

Sorry, no refunds after the first class.

Any loose, comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes, preferably sneakers, are fine. It is recommended to have the school shirt.

A training video of the beginners form is available. Everyone has found this very helpful in retaining the information learned in class.

All students are expected to practice at home every day!


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PaCTA is headed by Frank Shiery. He has trained extensively in The Chen family system of Taijiquan for the last 24 years. He travels often to the P.R. of China to expand his knowledge. Frank is an indoor student of Grandmaster Chen Li-Qing who resides in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, PRC. He was accepted as her Disciple in a formal ceremony in 1994. Thus becoming a 20th generation disciple, formally listed in her Chen family lineage.

        Frank is also certified to teach ,at the advanced level, by the American Chen Tai Chi Assoc., whose senior board advisors include Chen Zheng-Lei, Zhu Tian-Cai, Chen Bo-Xiang, Chen Shi-Tong and Chen Chuan-Zhong.

Frank is also under the close tutelage of Masters Chen Yong-Fu (Xi'an) and Fan Chun-Lei (Hangzhou). He has studied with other famous Chen masters in the US and China. Chen Chuan-Sheng,  Chen Zheng-Lei, Zhu Tian-Cai and others.

Village of Penbrook 
               Community Center
9071 Millcreek Rd, Levittown, Pa.
               6:30-7:30pm - Traditional Chen Small Frame
   7:30-8:30pm - Taiji  Weapons
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Group Practice session

Sundays 9-11am:
Curtis Arboretum
Rt 73  Church Rd.
Jenkintown, Pa. 
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