Pa.C.T.A. Curriculum

The Chen Family developed a Ten Level, step by step, curriculum called "Five Yin and Five Yang". This curriculum of Internal study may be adapted to any Taijiquan family style. We, at Pa.C.T.A., work closely with members of the Chen family, to bring traditional Chen style training to those wishing to develop a good foundation in Chen Taijiquan. 

The "Internal Body Changing Program" is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Three Treasures of Jing, Qi, and Shen are enhanced leading to a state of "Wuji". This is a state of total relaxation which brings about correct body alignment.  This allows the body to move in a totally integrated fashion.

Level 1- Internal
The study of Wuji Alignment and joint opening excercies are introduced here. How to properly execute stepping in Chen Taiji, stance work training and Chen Taiji. Single Push-Hands training begins. Also, analyzing the form, theory behind silk reeling exercises, maintaining relaxation throughout the form, and an introduction to understanding the role of the Tao Te Ching in Chinese martial arts.

When one can feel the Qi in the hands, the practitioner is ready to move onto Level 2. This is achieved by practicing the form many times with the above characteristics.

Level 2
This levels focus is on the joints of the shoulders and hips. This is where the sword (Jian) is taught, basic Push-Hands, and Chin-na.

One is ready for the next level when the player can respond effectively to Chin-na. This indicates that your hips and shoulders have loosened to a level more than the average person. Thisis when one is ready to move to level 3.

Level 3- Expert
This level is focused on Pure Relaxation. The Chen family believes this is a very difficult level to surpass. A highly qualified instructor is needed to train the student in correct body alignment. This may take several years of training to accomplish and then may still be very difficult to attain. Broadsword (Dao) is taught at this level and a deeper understanding of Push-hands is attained.

At this level,one should be able to evaluate himself/herself. To pass this level, one should be able to stop the direct force of someone weighing 50% larger than themselves. This enforces that you have achieved proper body alignment.

Level 4- Professional
This levels focus is on mastering Dan Tian rotation. One must achieve a high level of relaxation to properly execute Dan Tian rotation. The Long Handled Broadsword (DaDao), Spear (Qiang), and Cannon fist (Pao Chui) are taught at this level.

At this level, you cannot be locked by Chin-na. In level 4, you cannot be stopped while pushing your force against someone else.

Level 5- Master
The focus here is on strengthening the Dan Tian. The Long Staff is taught here. Manuals and tapes are being prepared for a course of specific study. 

Info on Levels 6 - 10 to be available soon.

Pa.C.T.A.'s levels of completion are as follows:

Level 1
Xiaojia Yi-Lu (First Routine)
Intro to Push-hands
Silk-Reeling sequence
Knowledge of the 5 basic Acc. Points

Level 2
Xiaojia Er-Lu (Second Routine) also known as Pao Chui or Cannon Fist
Know the names of the mvmnts.
Straight Sword and Broadsword
Chen family code of ethics
Knowledge of additional 5 basic Acc. Points
Know the basic PH pattern of Chen style Taijiquan

Level 3
Know the names of the movements.
Kwan Dao (Big Knife) and Qiang (Spear)
Knowledge of additional 5 basic Acc. Points
exhibit skill in PH and Chin-na

Level 4
Long Pole (Da Gun) and Double Mace (Shuang Gun)
Know the names of the movements.
Knowledge of additional 5 basic Acc. Points
exhibit skill in PH and Chin-na
Understand and exhibit Dan Tian rotation.

For names of the movements in the routines, Click on the following links....