Chen Village
  A Photographic Review
  The following photos were taken on a recent trip taken in October, 2005. The Village has taken on a new look with China developing faster than ever before. The ambience has changed over the last 5 years. The gullied dirt roads, narrow lanes and "old" halls are now gone. But if you look hard, you may see some remembrances of these things gone.
    Now, there are new wide paved roads, new halls with murals, stelles, statues and manicured garden. Admission charged to enter the Halls area and buses running to and from WenXian.....The county seat.
    As in the rest of China, change has come to Chenjiagou.......................
Around the Village
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The new wider and paved roads
entering the village. The farmers
use the pavement to dry their corn.
A dirt road  off the main thoroughfare.
Odd and old machinery
        and tractors
3 elderly Chen ladies... I think they've seen a
lot of change
The Hotel in WenXian. A short bus ride away.
The home of Zhu Tian-Cai's mother
local vegetables being sold along the road
Wanggudao town in the distance
located across the ditch
More drying corn
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