Chen Family (WuDe) 
             Martial Ethics
Standards of Conduct

1. A good-morally upright person who practices Taijiquan, does so for the purpose of obtaining good health and strengthening his/her body.

2.  A bad-evil person who becomes involved in martial arts, who uses his skill to take from others, creating harm and suffering. This is forbidden.

Qualities of Character

1. Propriety (Duan) 
    Dignity and hold high esteem for ones' teachers and elders

2. Fairness (Gong) 
    Hold impartiality to people

3. Kindness (Ren ) 
    Be benevolent

4. Nobility (Hao ) 
    Keep an open mind

5. Loyalty (Zhong ) 
    Be faithful and Loyal

6. Honesty (Cheng ) 
    Be honest and sincere

7. Respect (Jing) 
    Respect others

8. Integrity (Zheng) 
    Maintain a high level of integrity and decency

9. Righteousness (Yi) 
     Do what is right

10. Bravery (Young) 
      Be ready to fight for a just cause

11.Trustworthiness (Xin) 
      Have good faith

12. Morality (De) 
      Conduct yourself ethically

Prohibitions (Precautionary Rules)

   1. Don't rely on a position of authority to bully others 

  2. Don't defer to the strong (out of fear) or insult the weak

  3. Don't fear for oneself, come to the aid of others in danger

  4. Don't commit crimes

  5 .Don't rely on your Kungfu skills to fight with others

  6. Don't take advantage of a superior position to become arrogant

  7. Don't sell your art on the street

  8. Don't travel here and there to set up a clique

  9. Don't wallow in luxury, or live a paupers' existance 

10. Don't be prideful or self-satisfied

11  Don't get into arguments with a crazy or violent person

12. Don't contend with the ignorant

13. Don't be proud toward the poor or fawn on the rich

14 .Don't hanker after ill gotten gains

15. Don't have anything to do with drinking or prostitution

16. Don't refuse to pay any public or private obligations

17. Don't use public office for personal ends

18. Don't pursue the trappings of high office or handsome salary

19. Don't betray your country or be a traiter

20. Don't slack off and waste your time by not practicing

Prohibited Negative Character Traits

  1. Inappropriate affairs (Xie) and immoral practices

  2. Committing crimes (Fan) befriending bad people and committing bad deeds

  3. Creating difficulty (Diao) artfulness

  4. Cunning (Hua) or trickiness

  5. Excessive luxury (She) and free-spending ways

  6. Cheating and swindling (Zha) by hoaxing others

  7. Inappropriate words/deeds (Feng) ying and succumbing to violent behavior

  8. Baseness (Bei) or have an inferior character

  9. Fraudulence (Jian) or hypocrisy

10. Dishonesty (Huang) and untruthfulness

11. Extremely self-willed (Kuang) or become arrogant