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  1-Preparing form
  2-Protect the heart
  3-Green dragon goes out of the water
  4-Wind blows flowers
  5-Pull back
  6-       Green dragon goes out of the water
  7-Ssu Chin carries the sword on his back
  8-Rolling away from the wind
  9-Sun revolves 3 cycles
10-Pull back
11-Move the clouds to see the sun
12 -      Chop down
13-Search the grass for snakes
14-Wind blows flowers
15-Green dragon goes out of the water
16-Rolling body right chopping
17-Rolling body left chopping
18-Wild goose opens wings
19-Yellow dragon stirs water
20-White snake spits out tongue
21-Step back and split the heart
22-Sun revolves 3 cycles
23-Embracing the moon