This routine was combined with staff to create the
Plum Flower/White Ape Staff form.
This is from the Yang family Spear (not Yang Taiji).
Courtesy of

     Commencing form
  1. A blue dragon goes out of the water
  2. A child worships Guanyin 
  3. A hungry tiger pounces on the food
  4. A tiger on the way
  5. Split horizontally 
  6. Sweep brows horizontally
  7. Waist-blocking spear
  8. Hang the well railing downward     
  9. Center-to-center
10. A handsome bird goes into his nest
11. Split face
12. Block back 
13. Split face
14. Block back
15. Poke grass and seek snakes
16. The white ape drags his spear
17. Three rapid spears
18. Stab backward while the black  dragon goes into the hole
19. A yellow dragon stirs water three times
20. Stamp foot and point the spear to the sky
21. Jump and hands press a ground snake spear
22. Extend spear twice 
23. Sweep the spear horizontally once
24. Hold the moon in the arms ending form
      Ending form