(Da Dao or Kwan Dao)
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  1) Guangong lifts his knife to go up to the Bagiao Bridge.
  2) The top cloud rules the roost.
  3) Three knives forward scared Xushu to die.
  4) Three knives backward scared Cao Cao to retreat.
  5) The white ape pulls a knife and cuts upward.
  6) A flying knife comes from the ground.
  7) The knife from a parting mane is hard to be blocked.
  8) The knife crosses and cuts the chest.
  9) The old tree twists its roots with a grinding waist knife.
10) One knife cuts upward while turning over the body.
11) Turn Back and hold knife up to scare enemies soul to leave his body.
12) wield flowers.
13) Lift Knife.
14) Hold knife up and grind the flag with the moon while holding in the chest.
15) Move hand upwards and weild flowers.
16) Lift knife
17) Drop down in the chest and hold the moon again.
18) A new knife cuts upward while turning over the body.
19) Hold up the bronze knife again to see the corpse.
20) Wield flowers
21) Lift knife
22) Guangong takes hold of the wine and pokes the robe.
23) Turn head back suddenly.
24) Cross the parting mane and cut forward.
25) A wielding knife cuts upward with a child turning over a pole.
26) Roll Pearls backward and lift up the curtain.
27) Hold up the knife.
28) A weilding knife turns downward as if bolting an iron door.
29) Wield flowers and lift the knife while inserting left foot.
30) Wield flowers and lift knife while inserting right foot. (Jump with both feet)
31)Inserting flowers-left while turning over the body-right while cutting.
32) Inserting flowers-right while turning over the body-left while cutting.
33) Hold up the bronze knife again while the dragon plays in the water.
34) A cross cutting knife is held up quickly..