Plum Flower Spear - White Ape Staff
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1-   Ye Cha explores the sea bottom
2-   Turn around to make circle
3-   Mid-Level Thrust
4-   Three swift thrusts
5-   High parallel thrust
6-   Open the Curtain
7-   Lower level Thrust\
8-   Turn around and thrust
9-   The Black dragon shows its claws
10- Step forward with one thrust
11- Sweep the floor to thrust
12- Side Block
13- Throw two hits forward
14- Yellow dragon handles the shaft
15- Down to up strike
16- Turn around to make half circle
17- Blocking thrust at waist level
18- Turn around to make half circle
19- The spear touches the ground like a snake
20- Lifting the spear quickly
21- Delivering thrust
22- Double covering thrusts
23- Wave the banner from the left side
24- Thrusting toward the sky
25- Raise the flag to sweep on the left side
26- The Iron ox plows
27- Turn around to make one half circle
28- Thrust like dripping water
29- Double covering thrusts
30- Ride the Dragon and deliver rapid thrusts
31- Parting the grass to look for snakes
32- Steeping back while the white ape drags the spear
33- The Black Dragon returns to his den
34- Take back the Pipa
35- Throwing two hits forward
36- Wield the banner to sweep the ground
37- TaiShan crushes the egg
38- Turn around to make a half circle
39- Cat catches the mouse
40- Thrust from the left
41- Thrust from the right
42- Turn around to deliver thrust
43- Prop up the heel
44- One arm thrust
45- Cutting whole circle
46- The second son carries the mountain and sweeping thrust
47- Cut half circle
48- Lower parting thrust
49- Turn around to make half circle
50- Falcon dives into flock of Quail
51- Sweeping thrust from left
52- Lifting the heel
53- Single thrust
54- Cutting a whole circle
55- The second son carries the mountain and sweeping thrust
56- Cut a half circle
57- Fair lady threads a needle
58- The Jade lady works the shuttles
59- Assassination Thrust
60-Turn around to sweep thrust
61- Cutting the whole circle
62- Protect the knee
63- Double covering thrusts
64- Black Dragon sways its tail
65- Block once forward
66- Blocking forward again
67- Block from left
68- Block from right
69- Cut half circle
70- Old man fishing
71- Turn around to deliver a thrust
72- Ending Form