13 Posture Long Pole
1-     Black Dragon bursts from the water
2-     Child worships the Buddha
3-     Hungry Tiger attacks his prey
4-     Tiger blocks the way
5-     Blocking spear
6-     Various sweeping
7-     Inverted wellhead
8-     Stabbing to the center
9-     Bird returns to the nest
10-   Chopping and bursting
11-   Pulling the spear
12-   Yellow Dragon stirs the water
13-   Pulling back like carrying the moon
The13 posture staff, or spear, routine (shisan gun) consists of thirteen movements.
The routine is short: Each posture has an obvious combat application. It lacks the "flowery" movements found in many staff forms. Among the techniques found in the routine are nian (stick to), chan (entwine), jiao (wind up), lan (waist turning block), pi (cover), beng (burst off), tuo (drag), gua (hang up), heng (hit), zha (jab), dou (shake), jia (hold up), and tiao (raise).

In order to practice the 13 posture staff, it is necessary to have established a solid foundation in the barehand routines and techniques of Chen style Taijiquan. Among the requirements are solid stances, strong root, whole body movement, and the ability to issue energy (fa jing). The 13 action staff is practiced as a method for increasing the practitioners' internal energy, ability in fa jing, and strength.               Courtesy of www.PaChenTaiji.com